Elmore County Brings Smart911 Technology to Idaho


In the old days, you would report an emergency by picking up the phone and talking to an operator. In the 1950s, new technology made it possible for most Americans to directly call authorities if there was an issue and in the 70s, 911 became widely used across the country as the preferred way to get in help in a crisis. Today, there is new technology available that is changing 911 as we know it.

When you call 911, the information received from dispatch is somewhat limited. They have your number and a general idea of where you are located but that’s about it.

Smart911takes things a little further. The program allows users to create a profile where they can list everything from the proper doses of their medications to what pets might be in the house.

Smart911 also provides citizens with the opportunity to have current photos as well as descriptions of their children in their Safety Profile.  This allows for faster dissemination of a child’s information to the field and gives a great advantage in emergency response efforts.

The service is free to citizens and is paid for from fees collected in your phone bill. So far, Elmore County is the only area in the state that has this service and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I’ve experienced one person out of all the people we’ve talked to that had no interest at all but everyone else thinks it would be great that you could have that information, especially people that are on lots of medications,” said Traci Lefever, E-911 Coordinator for Elmore County.

Even though the technology hasn’t reached eastern Idaho yet, you might want to consider setting up a profile, especially if you are traveling with a cellphone.

“That information, even it is not available where you live, if you are traveling and you have a cellphone associated with your profile, if you happen to be in the a county that has this technology, when you dial 911 and if it goes to one of those dispatch centers that has the technology, they will get it.”

Elmore County E911 operates under the Elmore County Sheriff and services all County municipalities including Mountain Home and Glenns Ferry.  Their E911 Dispatch Center receives over 9,600 calls per year.

You can find more information at https://www.smart911.com

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