Lifesaving Smart911 Technology Unveiled in Prosper, TX


Prosper Police Unveiled a Technology They Say Could Make a Significant Difference in a Life-or-Death Emergency.

The police department signed up for an online service called Smart911 that gives critical information to dispatchers faster than ever before.

Prosper residents can go online to and create a profile, filling out basic information like home address, work address, vehicle information, and medical details. Residents can even upload photos of family members and pets.

“All of that can make a life-saving difference to medical responders,” said Prosper Police Chief Doug Kowalski.

Signing up is voluntary, and each resident has the ability to choose what personal details they want to include or omit.

Police said cell phones are not as reliable in determining location as land lines, so Smart911 allows police to learn homes and businesses where a person frequently spends time. Officers said saving even a few seconds is critical in an emergency like an accident or medical emergency.

Prosper is one of only a few police departments in North Texas to add an online account with the service.


By Jeff Smith,

Posted on April 9, 2014 

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