Keeping Your Family Safe On Vacation


Family vacations are the perfect opportunity to create new memories and strengthen relationships among loved ones.  However, if not planned properly, family travel can also come with its fair share of obstacles and risks.  Using the four Safety Tips below, learn how to enjoy a safe and stress-free vacation with your family!

Do Some Research Beforehand:  You are far less likely to leave something important behind or run into sudden predicaments if you research the area you are traveling to ahead of time.  Some helpful things to know about your destination include the number and location of emergency exits, potentially harmful allergens, public transportation system and local emergency numbers.  Each family member should also be given a map of your destination along with the name and telephone number of where you are staying.

Protect your Home:  Each year, an estimated 2 million home burglaries are reported in the US. That said, it is important that you take action to protect your home before leaving for an extended amount of time.  Alert a trusted neighbor of your travel plans and ask that they watch over your house while you are away, collect your mail and keep an eye out for any activity.  Be sure to give your neighbor information on how to reach you in case of emergency.  Double check that you have locked all doors and windows, unplug appliances like a toaster, turn off valves to water lines like the washer and set some lights on at night

Prepare for your Child’s Safety:  In the event that your child is separated from the group, BE PREPARED.  To start, make sure you all look at what other members of your family are wearing each day so you know what to look for if you are separated.  Determine a meeting spot before starting the day’s activities, and if you plan to go out exploring, put an ‘information card’ in your child’s pocket that includes the name and phone number of where you are staying and your cell phone number.  Lastly, and most importantly, teach your kids to never accept rides from strangers.

Travel with Caution:  According to recent studies, there have been well over 150 million thefts reported worldwide in the past year alone. As one of the most common incidents, thieves will attempt to pickpocket when they stumble upon an opportunity, so it is important that travelers avoid becoming an easy target by not presenting any opportunities. When traveling, do not to flaunt your money excessively by sporting expensive jewelry or designer labels.  Never carry your wallet in your back pocket or travel with large sums of money with you at any given time.

As work, school and other commitments continue to consume most of our free time, a family vacation is a chance for everyone to escape and relax.  By following these four basic guidelines, you can enjoy your vacation while knowing that your family is safe.

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