9-1-1 Chat ROI


9-1-1 Chat ROI

911 SMS Service ROIMeasuring the Impact of the 911 SMS Service Designed to Save Lives

Your #1 goal in emergency response is to save lives, and to help you in that mission, there are often costs associated with acquiring the right technology.

For instance, 9-1-1 Director of the Ottawa County Central Dispatch Authority, Tim Smith, invested in a 911 SMS service available in the Rave 911 Suite, which allows emergency dispatchers to communicate back and forth with callers via SMS text message. 

Now the question is: how might Smith measure the cost-benefit of investing in the Rave’s 911 SMS service?

Smith tackled this question head on by accumulating on-the-ground data that shows how 9-1-1 SMS Chat can affect their bottom line while simultaneously saving lives. After two years of collecting this valuable data, he now has a clear view of the service’s impact by demonstrating the real cost savings and the dramatic change in the number of emergency calls resolved.

The cost-benefit of Ottawa County’s investment in this 911 SMS service are illustrated in Texting 9-1-1 Callers: Lives Saved and ROI infographic. Complete the short form on the right to reveal the staggering results.

Rave’s SMS Chat tool is available in the Rave 911 Suite.  

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