Emergency Notification System

Emergency Notification to Improve Community Safety Before, During, and After Emergencies

Today, thousands of institutions — education, state and local jurisdictions, and enterprise — depend on Rave Alert as their Emergency Notification System.

Rave Alert Emergency Notification lets you communicate with and alert your entire campus in minutes. Using all available methods to send emergency alerts – mobile phones, landlines, email, text, social media, IPAWS-OPEN, and more — Rave Alert emergency notification system ensures maximum coverage.

SnapSend™, an  easy to use emergency alert send flow, breaks new ground in usability and gives users  the simplest, most bulletproof alert send operation available.

Rave’s proven mass emergency notification system delivers millions of alerts daily and gives you assurance  your emergency response will be delivered in all situations

Rave Alert’s opt-in/opt-out flexibility coupled with dynamic data management ensures your emergency alerts and other communications get to the right person at the right time.

Backed by industry leading security, availability, and customer support, Rave Alert Emergency Notification gives you an easy to use, proven way to communicate with your entire campus  before, during, and after emergencies.

Our Customers Trust Rave Alert

“We would not have survived the tremendous demands on our communications office and the Judiciary in general during Superstorm Sandy without our Rave accounts. We kept the entire state, and especially the shore and the inland communities that were devastated by the storm, fully informed and updated all day, every day.”

Winnie Comfort
Director Communications & Community Relations
New Jersey Courts

“Social media is a critical part of our communication strategy… On the Friday when the (Boston Marathon bombing) lockdown came out, we have it set up with Rave that messages feed right from the system into our social media presence. We had 54,000 people see that posting in matter of minutes.”

John Tommaney
Director of Emergency Management
Office of the Executive Vice President
Boston College

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