Do You Protect Your Pet The Way They Protect You?


npwDuring National Pet Week  in the US, pet owners across the country are taking time to show some extra love to their pets.  At Smart911, we know that pet owners take their animal friends very seriously and it’s no surprise that people are eager to create their Safety Profile to include pet information, after all, you want all members of your family to be protected in an emergency, right?

Pets offer a special dynamic to most families.  They give unconditional love, have a sixth sense when something is wrong, won’t leave your side if you are sick or sad, and will always be happy to see you.  In fact they may be the only family member who displays all of these characteristics constantly.  Just today I read a local story about a dog that dragged his unconscious owner off the tracks of an approaching train, only to be injured by the train himself.  Even in this moment of injury, the dog still would not leave his owner’s side.

It’s exactly this kind of loyalty and love that inspires pet owners to take additional measures to protect their animals from an emergency.   While your pet may not be able to escape a burning building on their own, or be able to evacuate from a hurricane or flood without help pet owners feel a similar sense of responsibility to this loyal member of the family as they do to any human family member.  If they can’t be there to take care of their pet, they want to make sure that someone will.

According to the 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 63 percent of all U.S. households have a pet, the highest level in two decades. The survey also showed there are 78.2 million dog and 86.4 million cat owners, with more than half stating they would leap into action for an injured pet.

And that’s why we hear such strong feedback and support of Smart Safety Profiles from pet owners.  They now have the ability to include their pet in their family emergency plans.  What if there was a fire in your home, and firefighters knew you had a dog inside.  Or if you fell unconscious, emergency responders can better respond to you if they know to expect a loyal and protective furry friend by your side.  Service animals go everywhere their owner goes, but if you can’t communicate to give these instructions, you would still want response teams to know to bring your pet with you.  Your family pet would do everything they can to make sure you are protected, don’t you want to do the same for them?


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