Do These Numbers Surprise You?


With a statistically significant sampling size representing about 12% of PSAPs in the U.S. which provide service to over 25% of the population responding to our 9-1-1 survey, we’ve gotten some really interesting findings.

We are still working with research papers to summarize and analyze the results and will make the full report available to all by NENA National, including a deeper analysis of results by region, PSAP size, etc. but I’m curious about your thoughts on some of the summary responses.

Which of these stats are most surprising to you?

  • 6% of wireless calls are from non-initialized phones; 6.7% are from VOIP phones
  • 55% of PSAPs take calls for animal control; 45% take after hours calls for municipal services
  • On average… 7.5 jurisdictions and 14.6 agencies supported by a PSAP
  • 8% average abandoned call rate (although the distribution is crazy with some claiming 50%)
  • 66% of respondents say that calls are answered and dispatched by the same telecommunicator
  • 9.3% of FTE allocated positions are open
  • 37% work 12 hr shifts, 42% 8 hr, and 13% work some sort of combination of shift lengths
  • Average turnover rate is 7.5%
  • The average number of PSAP training hours required is 49.3 hrs annually
  • 34% have already done some sort of consolidation… 83% see politics as the biggest hurdle to consolidation

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