DeKalb County Rolling Out Smart911


cbs atlanta avatarSmart911 allows you to create a personal profile for you and family giving first responders a better idea of what they’re dealing with when they arrive on the scene.

The private information provided can be vital to 911 prior to an emergency, enabling responders to act more quickly and precisely during a crisis.

Smart911 is a growing national service, so once you create a safety profile it’s good anywhere in the country where smart911 service is offered.

Deputy Chief Cedrick Alexander said you only have to list as much info. as you feel comfortable giving.

“What we know it’s going to give us right now is enhanced that service. And it’s going to really be worth the effort,” said Alexander.

The vital information like how many people live in your home, and the location of the bedrooms, along with details about allergies or other medical conditions can speak for you just in case you can’t.

“We know we’re going to see calls where someone is going to call and they may pass out or lose contuses before we get there,” said Alexander.

In Georgia, smart911 is already available in several municipalities like Atlanta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Johns Creek.

It provides an additional benefit for any citizens who may live in one location but work in another.

When a citizen makes an emergency call, their safety profile is automatically displayed to the 911 call taker.

Responders can be aware of many details they would not have known previously.


Posted: Feb 27, 2014

Written By: Veronica Griffin, CBS Atlanta

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