Cell Phones Cause Confusion for 9-1-1 Responders in Arkansas


KAIT 8 News (3)Giving the right location in the case of a fire can make all the difference when it comes to saving lives. However, as many Arkansans say goodbye to landlines for good, the transition to cellphones is increasing confusion in 9-1-1 dispatch centers.  The problems with miscommunication can be as simple as what county the emergency is located.

Volunteer firefighter, Bill Tripp said confusion on the fire front can happen when a cell phone makes the call.

“There’s no real good way of locating a cell phone. It might be on a county road or in the middle of a pasture,” said Tripp, “There’s a county road 739 in Greene County as well as a 739 in Craighead County, and that’s where the confusion comes from.”

E911 Director, Jeff Presley said there’s a website called Smart911 that can effectively and accurately make all the difference.

“If you add information in [Smart911] about your home and directions, it can save your life,” said Presley.

It’s a simple, private and free way of using your cell phone, that will make sure the closest fire department and medical personnel arrive at the right location.

“To ensure you get a proper response, build that Smart911 profile with family information and medical information,” said Presley.

Emergency officials said if you live in the country, think about signing up for Smart911. It’s a free service that gives emergency personnel the information they need in order to send help to the correct location.


Source: KAIT 8 News


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