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Smart911 is a new emergency service that is now available to people in Knox County. “I think it’s important because we’re enhancing that basic service that would be provided to us on that cell phone,” Vicki Miller, the Galesburg/Knox County 911 Coordinator, said. Now when people in Knox county call 911, they can count on getting the help they need faster than ever.

Oct 14, 2016
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Residents in Galesburg and the rest of Knox County can now take advantage of the “Smart 911” service that gives first responders more detailed information during emergencies. Using Smart 911, individuals and families can create a safety profile with information about location, health history and other factors that can make the difference in a life-and-death situation.

Oct 14, 2016

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Campus safety is top of mind for most students and their parents Now, Wichita State University is unveiling the “Rave Guardian” app. The safety app is launching just days after an alert was issued regarding a man a campus who approached several female students, asking them if he could practice his foot […]

Oct 5, 2016

The city has introduced push notifications, an online chat feature and a traffic watch map for its citizens to utilize. SANDY SPRINGS, GA — The city of Sandy Springs wants to bolster the ways it can inform the public about upcoming traffic obstacles and other time-sensitive information. The city on Tuesday announced a new program […]

Oct 5, 2016

CHAMPAIGN — When shots rang out in Campustown early Sunday, a series of emergency messages were relayed to 65,000 students, employees, parents and others signed up for Illini-Alerts. The emergency notification system, mandated by the federal Clery Act, sends email and text messages in the event of a campus emergency. They’re also posted on Facebook […]

Sep 28, 2016
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PULASKI CO., Va. In Pulaski County, a new service is being offered to people so first responders can better help them in times of emergency. The “Smart 911” service will help them help citizens more efficiently. When the 9-1-1 operator gets a call,  their job is to help.  They work to get all the necessary […]

Sep 21, 2016
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On behalf of Wyoming County we are proud to be here today as we take a step forward in enhancing our 9-1-1 and emergency response capabilities for all residents. Wyoming County is pleased to announce that we have implemented a new system to improve 9-1-1 services for all citizens. Smart911 is a service which will allow all residents and visitors in Wyoming County to provide information about themselves and their family to 9-1-1 prior to an emergency. This private and secure Safety Profile will display automatically to the 9-1-1 call taker immediately when a citizens dials 9-1-1. Call takers and emergency responders can now be provided vital personal and medical information to help understand and respond to an emergency faster and with more detail.

Sep 21, 2016

The Mill Creek Police Department this week announced implementation of the use of the Rave Panic Button for schools located in the city of Mill Creek. The Rave Panic Button is a phone app providing communication abilities between school staff and emergency service agencies during school emergencies. When an emergency call is made from the […]

Sep 20, 2016
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CRESA has recently begun working on introducing Smart 911 for Clark County. As CRESA works behind the scenes to bring this service for residents of Clark County, it’s not too early for you to do your part and create your Safety Profile. and start your Safety Profile today!

Sep 14, 2016
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A new service is available to Cache Valley, Utah residents who find themselves calling 911 with an emergency. Smart911 is a web-based platform that can save critical time in an emergency when seconds can be the difference between life and death. The program gives users the option of creating a profile that gives dispatchers additional […]

Sep 14, 2016

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A new safety initiative is underway at Texas Tech: a mobile app called Raider Safe. The Student Government Association and the department called RISE are working to educate students, faculty and staff about the app and how it can benefit them. SGA External Vice President Alex DeRossi says so far, the campus has […]

Sep 13, 2016

Edwardsville ranked number 25 on a list of the top 30 safest college towns in America by After taking into consideration the recent additions to public safety in Edwardsville, such as the new SIUE Fire Station and the in-progress new public safety facility building, it can be said that safety is a top priority […]

Sep 12, 2016

The cost for an Indiana Wesleyan University parking pass increased this year from $15 to $50. According to Mario Rangel, director of Campus Police and emergency management, the revenue from the increase is going to be used “strictly for emergency preparedness and safety.” Some of the revenue will go to installing security cameras, purchasing new […]

Sep 8, 2016
WSHU Public Radio

This year officials from 13 Nassau County school districts have a smartphone app that can quickly notify police of an active shooter in a school. Nassau officials say they have spent almost $1.5 million on the app and hope all public and private schools will take advantage it. Lee Mendel, founder and CEO of the […]

Sep 7, 2016

Just in time for the new school year, Nassau County announced that several local public school districts have adopted a new smartphone-based emergency alert system. The software, built by Massapequa-based IntraLogic Solutions, allows a school administrator or teacher to use an app to send an alert to first responders in an emergency with the click […]

Sep 7, 2016

Most of us don’t think about the Orange Street Festival as a place to learn something. Most likely, we think of it as a place to get food on a stick or funnel cakes, to get free give-aways from local businesses, to shop among dozens of arts and crafts vendors and, perhaps more than anything […]

Sep 7, 2016

 MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) – The University of Minnesota is offering students and staff a new safety service that will help provide information more quickly when they call 911 during an emergency. The service is called Smart911. It allows students and staff to create a safety profile online that includes any information they want 911 dispatchers to […]

Sep 6, 2016

CASA GRANDE — The city’s first responders may soon have access to valuable information that could improve how they respond to emergency situations. Smart911 is a brand of communication technology that stores an individual’s personal information such as medical history and makes it available to emergency dispatchers and responders. It works by getting citizens to […]

Sep 2, 2016

Safety is always a top priority for law enforcement officers, parents, and the like. This year has been ridden with crime and safety issues all over the nation.  And we all know move in at ISU has been taking place this week. So it’s a great time for a refresher of safety tips and practices as students […]

Sep 2, 2016
Eastern Progress

Students got their first taste of Eastern’s safety alert systems last week after a traffic stop-turned drug-fueled  police chase ended on campus. Four juveniles were stopped by a Madison County Sheriff’s Department officer near Lancaster and Main after a report of shots fired in the early hours of Monday, August 22. The men, all of […]

Sep 2, 2016

ALLENDALE, MICH. – Grand Valley State University is taking steps to address sexual violence on or near the school’s campus. It’s a response to a pair of reported sexual assaults near campus over the weekend. School leaders sent out an e-mail Monday night talking about those incidents and sexual violence in general. Dear Laker Community, […]

Aug 30, 2016

Rave Mobile Safety (Rave) added two innovative new features of the Rave Platform, Rave Command View and Rave 911 Analytics. Rave Command View gives 9-1-1 managers and dispatchers interactive, map-based views of critical information, such as 9-1-1 call patterns and critical facility data during active emergencies. Additionally, Rave 911 Analytics provides easy, anytime web-based access […]

Aug 30, 2016

FAIRBANKS — The National Weather Service awarded the Fairbanks North Star Borough a certificate Tuesday for being “StormReady,” which means the municipality meets national criteria for emergency communications systems and emergency preparedness. To be StormReady, communities must maintain a 24-hour emergency operations center, have the ability to monitor weather and flood conditions, conduct community preparedness […]

Aug 30, 2016

As the new school year begins, the Texas Tech Student Government Association is launching a brand new application to make Tech a safer environment for all students. The idea for the Raider Safe app came from a two-year old student initiative, said Alex DeRossi, SGA external vice president.  SGA worked with various app developers, IT […]

Aug 29, 2016

Over the summer, the Armstrong Police Department and Facility Services were busy installing school safe lockdown devices on doors across campus. This device was first tested last spring in the Science Center and is now present in the majority of classrooms. The lockdown device will allow students, faculty and staff to secure doors from the inside […]

Aug 26, 2016