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New Mexico state police leader emphasized the importance of technology, noting the department is 15 to 20 years behind other agencies. A Graphic Position of Safety, or GPS, can direct your organization toward safety excellence, according to EHS Today. The Colorado School Safety Committee introduced five bills to improve school safety, hoping to get the legislature in front of a general assembly aimed at protecting kids from school violence.  A controversial federal bill would require schools to monitor social media, with supporters arguing the law would heighten security in school and critics citing how the policy violate privacy rights. Mapping tools are improving school safety in North Carolina, aiming to improve emergency response across the state.  

Key Points: 

  •  In 2016, in the midst of a rise in active shooter incidents, North Carolina chose to develop two applications that generate safety plans and have mapped more than 2,400 K-12 and higher education facilities throughout the state — potentially shaving valuable time off of responses and evacuations.
  • School officials can upload information and schematics into the School Risk Management Planning Tool, or SRMP, to design risk management plan
  • Another application, called the State Emergency Response Application, or SERA, converts that data into detailed aerial maps and updates the representations in real time when changes are made in the planning tool
  • The mapping was required to be created by a state law that passed in 2015, and school districts were initially asked to develop district-wide emergency plans, with help from the NCDPS emergency management division. 

This Week From The Rave Team 

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Why Sleep Deprivation is an Undetected Risk for Healthcare Workers

healthcare lack of sleep Scientists understand that lack of sleep damages physical and mental health, making sleep deprivation a potentially undetected risk for workers. Sleep deprivation can result in cognitive impairment, negatively impacting performance in tasks which require vigilance, decision-making, or memory-planning, according to the American Academy of Sleep. Healthcare jobs often require sharp critical thinking skills, and workers compromised by sleep-deprivation may make mistakes on the job, putting both workers and patients in danger.


How Westchester County Aims to Create Safer Schools

High SchoolThe recently formed Westchester County School Safety Commission has just released its inaugural report outlining how it plans to create safer schools throughout the county. The report is interesting inasmuch as it advocates prevention through communication in order to identify threats and intervene before they escalate. Westchester County covers an area of 450 square miles immediately to the north of New York City. The county's students are served by 258 public schools in forty school districts, a further 122 private schools, and 32 professional schools, colleges, and graduate schools - some with multiple locations.


Opioid Crisis and Overdose Awareness for K-12 Schools

Opioid Crisis - pill bottle with opioidsThe opioid crisis shows no signs of slowing down and continues to plague families and communities by killing Americans every day. The U.S. Department of Education has now joined other Federal agencies to combat this issue by putting a focus on prevention and recovery as well as reducing risk and promoting factors that increase resiliency. It may come as a surprise, but K-12 schools and districts play a very important role in reaching these goals.


Rave In The News

The Fairbanks North Star Borough is encouraging residents of Fairbanks to sign up for the Smart911 database. Users enter information about their household, medical conditions, medications, pets and other information to the website or app. Then when they call 911, the dispatcher sees all of the information on their screen and can give the information to emergency services or the hospital so they can provide better care. Borough Emergency Manager Baird Stiefel said that Fairbanks is the first city in Alaska to implement the system and encourages residents to take advantage of the service.

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