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Campus Safety Magazine compiled guidelines for developing a healthcare facility risk assessment to help you identify hazards and reduce risks for patients, staff, and and visitors. In Maryland, a cyber task force targets crime against children, an epidemic which prosecutors say has quadrupled in recent months. A social network for smart cities encourages idea sharing, allowing city officials to communicate with peers in city governments across the country. American police departments are dispatching social workers to answer 911 calls, addressing situations in which people are suffering from severe psychiatric conditions. In Las Vegas, a pilot program where 911 dispatchers can reroute calls to a nurse, freeing up emergency response resources. 

Key Points: 

  • A nurse hotline in Las Vegas is working to help people who call 911 in non-emergency situaitions looking for where to turn
  • The nurse hotline is the urgent care version of 911, and it's a pilot program where 911 dispatchers can re-route callers to a nurse 
  • Nurse consultation provides a great alternative to people who need health advice or have a question, but do not require an ambulance. Dispatchers reported that out of 600,000 emergency calls, 200,000 were not emergencies 
  • The nurse hotline has already saved the community money, since it costs about $1,000 an ambulance leaves the station, and the goal is to get the program running 24/7 and eventually have a separate line so patients don't have to call 911 first

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Top Campus Safety Terms Everyone Should Know

college campusIn order to decide which tools work best, school safety officials should understand the needs of students, teachers, and staff. Terminology is important when it comes to crafting a school safety plan. Familiarizing your team with the language of higher education safety can help to better understand safety strategies, tools, and safety roles. Hundreds of incidents occur each year where campus safety officials have to get involved. While some might be trivial and others more serious, we've put together a list of the top campus safety terms everyone should know.


How Out-of-Date is Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

disaster recovery planAccording to a survey of disaster recovery decision makers, only one-in-seven businesses continuously update their disaster recovery plan. For the other businesses, the likelihood is that recovering from a disaster will be more expensive and time-consuming than planned - with some ultimately failing to recover at all. Every few years, Disaster Recovery Journal partners up with research company Forrester Research to compile the “State of Disaster Recovery Preparedness Report”. The latest report (PDF) shows that, although more businesses have a disaster recovery plan than in previous reports, the frequency with which plans are updated and tested has fallen over the past ten years.


How Law Enforcement Can Improve Training For Disabilities Like Autism or Down Syndrome

POLICE CARIf you have a son, daughter, or student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), potential encounters with the police may be a concern. These interactions often lack understanding between both parties, as law enforcement often encounters people with developmental disabilities in high-stress situations, with little to no training or experience. Similarly, these situations can be confusing or disorientating for people with autism or down syndrome, which officers may misinterpret as noncompliance.


Rave In The News

In Glencoe, Illinois, personal information could be useful in emergency situations will be more readily available to first responders for residents who create a Smart911 profile. The Smart911 service allows residents to build a profile that includes home and work address can be linked to a cellular phone number, and the profile can also include information like medical conditions, allergies, pets, and details about the property. When a person calls 911, the profile will be made available to to the emergency dispatcher and first response teams. Smart911 will help dispatchers better direct emergency response to the individual caller and also provide additoinal helpful information about the individual's care. 

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Mary Kate McGrath

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