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After the El Paso attack, workers plan their own "what-if" escape plan where insect spray, homemade panic buttons, and walk-in freezers act as a contingency plan in case of workplace attacks. Across the United States, active shooter training at retailers is hindered by worker turnover. Campus Security & Life Safety revealed why your risk management can't work in silos, as siloed systems inhibit security solutions from performing effectively. There were three mass shootings across the country in one week, as research shows mass shootings can be contagious, according to NPR. Ahead of Wildfire Season, California has a new plan to upgrade 911 systems

Key Points: 

  • California’s plan to upgrade its 911 call centers has sputtered for a decade, but the state is now devoting new funds to next-generation 911, in an effort that Gov. Gavin Newsom says will see swift results 
  • Newsom signed legislation in June that, through a flat, monthly fee on residents’ landlines and cell services, will net $175 million annually to modernize 911 system
  • Next-Generation 911 would turn California’s dated emergency systems digital, allowing them to communicate seamlessly with each other, and process information such as location data, photos and video
  • California, though, set out on a quest for 911 upgrades long ago. In 2010, the state put forward an ambitious “Next Generation 911 Roadmap,” which outlined how California would become “a nationwide leader” in 911 systems.

This Week From The Rave Team 

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How Manufacturers can Address Quality Issues and Protect the Bottom Line through Streamlined Communication

protect the bottom line through streamlined communicationUnplanned downtime and product recalls can significantly drive up costs in the manufacturing industry; yet, because the causes of these adverse events are not easy to predict, they are difficult to prepare for. One solution to mitigate the consequences of unplanned downtime and product recalls is to streamline communications.


How The Texas School Safety Bill Will Address Bullying


texas school safety billIn April, an expansive Texas school safety bill was passed by the Senate, aimed at preventing or mitigating the impact of a mass tragedy. Senate Bill 11 proposed the strengthening of mental health initiatives across the state, ensuring district employees have access to electronic communications, and establishing threat assessment teams to help identify high-risk students.The bill also provides potential strategies for school districts to manage violent behavior, including bullying, both in-school concerns and cyberbullying. 


The Top 7 Examples of How Schools Welcomed Students and Teachers Back to School

Back to SchoolWhile some students count down the days until summer break, others can’t wait for the next  school year to start. It may still be early August, but many K-12 schools across the country are heading back to their classrooms this month. That's right, school is starting up soon! From creative ways to make students feel comfortable and settled for the new year, to school safety initiatives to protect students from safety threats, there is a LOT of preparing to do both inside and outside of the classroom. 


Rave In The News 

Virginia Beach chose Rave Mobile Safety to provide the platform for the city's emergency notification alert and warning system, VBAlert. VBAlert is used to disseminate important information to residents and visitors who opt in and register for the service, officials said in a news release.The alerts include severe weather watches and warnings, public safety and emergency-related warnings such as hazardous material spills, evacuation notices, traffic crashes with major delays, emergency road closures and other emergency notifications.Those alerts will be sent via text, email, and phone depending on the methods a user registers to receive the alerts. Registering for VBAlert will enable residents and visitors to take immediate action and protective steps to secure their safety and the safety of their family, officials said. 

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Mary Kate McGrath

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