School Safety Technology: Rave Panic Button and Rand Corporation Research

February 10, 2017

Todd Piett

Technology report highlighting school violence and how modern technology can help

school safety technology active shooter

The Rand Corporation’s 2016 report, “Can Technology Make Schools Safer”, is in-line with the research gathered from speaking with dozens of school safety experts and emergency responders while developing Rave Panic Button.

The Rand report highlights the nature of school safety threats, including but not limited to Active Shooters, and then documents the results of a prioritization exercise taken by leading experts to identify the school safety technology needs for improving overall safety.  The results also align with other school safety studies undertaken by the FBI and NYPD, and emphasize two key technologies:

  • Teachers, administrators and emergency responders need to be able to engage in direct two-way communication during a crisis rather than having to report emergencies to the school’s main office and then have the office serve as the sole conduit for communication with emergency responders. This is often referred to as “victim initiated response” and is a key tenant of Rave Panic Button.
  • Staff members need easier and faster access to information, possibly through all-in-one school safety technology applications, in order to prevent, reduce, and respond to the entire spectrum of school violence. The sharing of this information with responders is also often highlighted as a key gap in communication and interoperability – both between school officials and responders and across responder agencies.  Rave Facility is designed to facilitate the easy, scale-able collection of critical data and enable sharing of that information across authorized users.

If you want to learn more about how Rave Panic Button helps improve communication and cuts response times, check out this school safety case study which highlights the use and deployment of the solution to over 200,000 students, teachers and staff in New York.  This solution is also integrated into remote door lock and video surveillance systems provided by Intralogic Solutions.

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