How a School Panic Button System Saved a Student’s Life

January 25, 2018


school panic button system

How a School Panic Button System Saved a Student’s Life

On March 8th, 2017, Rave Mobile Safety’s School Panic Button System helped save the life of a young student at Benton High School who had collapsed on the school´s baseball field. Due to the system’s enhanced location services, first responders were able to locate the student quickly and administer life-saving CPR.

Rave Mobile Safety
Published 1/25/2018

Rave Mobile Safety’s school panic button system is an effective way to communicate an emergency to 911 and on-site personnel. With the push of a button on a smartphone app, authorized personnel can initiate immediate action during an emergency in order to reduce response time and improve the safety of those involved or threatened by the incident. Last March, the effectiveness of Rave Mobile Safety’s school panic button system was demonstrated when it saved the life of a teenage boy.

Grant Steed – a 15-year-old student at Benton High School in Saline County, Arkansas – was taking part in baseball practice when his heart stopped beating. Grant was walking out to center field when he suddenly collapsed, and unable to find a pulse or confirm Grant was still breathing, coaches Garrett Parker and Rusty Davis informed Athletic Trainer TJ White there was a problem. White initiated the school’s Emergency Action Plan and used the school’s panic button app to call 911.

911 dispatchers had immediate access to the school’s facility information and could relay the whereabouts of the baseball field and the best access points to EMS personnel. With accurate information instantly available, the EMS personnel located Grant quickly and administered thirty-five minutes of CPR before transferring him to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Incredibly, Grant has made a near-perfect recovery. After spending six weeks in the hospital, he was able to return home and into the care of his parents, Kevin and Renee. Grant still has difficulty speaking due to suffering a paralyzed vocal cord – and he is on a diet of liquid nutrients to help maintain his recovery – but Grant has not sustained any brain damage or other injury associated with oxygen starvation due to the speed at which EMS personnel were able to locate him and administer emergency first aid.

About Rave Mobile Safety’s School Panic Button System

School panic button systems that operate via a smartphone app are generally regarded to be more effective at communicating emergencies to 911 than wall-mounted or desk-mounted panic button alarms, or those worn about the person. This is because the person calling 911 can indicate what type of incident is taking place and which emergency service is required (i.e. police, fire or medical). Furthermore, “traditional” panic button alarms fail to confirm if emergency services received the alarm.

Rave Mobile Safety’s school panic button system not only alerts 911 dispatchers to the nature of the incident and confirms notification of the emergency, but also provides the information required by 911 dispatchers to get the right messages to the right people at the right time. Without knowing the whereabouts of the baseball field and the best access points, EMS personnel could have been delayed by vital minutes – minutes that could have cost Grant Steed his life.

Further advantages of Rave Mobile Safety’s school panic button system include the option for its use as a channel of communication during non-emergency incidents – for example if school administrators want teachers to hold students in class while a medical incident is being attended to. In this scenario, it would only be necessary to communicate the incident with teachers in the immediate vicinity of the incident in order to avoid disruption or student speculation elsewhere on the school campus.

The system also has a web-based control and response dashboard that school superintendents and administrators can log into remotely in order to monitor emergency situations and coordinate resources as necessary. This facility enhances situational awareness and enables school superintendents and administrators to make decisions faster – saving time and potentially saving lives.

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