Rave Panic Button and Non-Active Shooter Emergencies

January 12, 2017

Todd Piett

Over the past year, Rave Panic Button has been activated over 5,000 times across the country. While we have some amazing documented stories of helping responders avert potential active assailant incidents (view a news clip about one incident here), the reality is that most incidents are far more mundane. Every day schools have medical emergencies which require EMS response. Every day administrators and teachers communicate internally using our “Staff Assist” function when there are minor issues requiring rapid communication and coordination (my personal favorite is the parent irate over their child’s report card).

The fact that Rave Panic Button is used far more often for non-assailant type emergencies should not be a surprise. So then why mention it? The truth is that we have to plan for the horrific possibility of an active shooter. Our processes and emergency technologies need to support a rapid response (see more about how Rave Panic Button works here). However, during the “fight or flight” moment when the unthinkable happens, your staff will be far better prepared when the solution they are to use is part of their muscle memory, something that they are used to using in day to day activities. The lesson learned from our thousands of activations is that the more a part of the daily work flow of your users, the more likely it will be used when it’s most needed.

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