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In the last few years public safety has increasingly been coming under threat. Not only has the frequency of domestic terrorist attacks, civil disturbances, and unprecedented weather events increased, but public safety agencies have had to respond to these threats in difficult circumstances due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

At a federal level, some agencies have been able to provide support to local agencies remotely. For example, during recent civil disturbances, video surveillance captured by the FBI was shared with law enforcement agencies to help coordinate the response. Similarly, during last year's severe storms and tornados in Arkansas, 88% of the support provided by FEMA was virtual.  

However, while operating remotely can help limit agency personnel exposure to the virus, it is necessary for there to be an effective system of collaboration and communication in place to ensure an effective response to the public safety event – and not only during significant events. Even minor incidents can have major consequences if they are not managed effectively. 

Critical Communication and Collaboration for Federal Agencies 

Rave Mobile Safety's critical communication and collaboration platform provides federal agencies with every tool they need to prepare for and support an effective response to any incident.  The platform is designed to reduce response times by getting the right message to right people at the right time and providing stakeholders with the information required to make data-driven decisions.  

The key to the Rave platform's effectiveness is preparation. Emergency alerts can be prepared in advance on customizable templates so that, in a stressful situation, nerves, inexperience, or a lack of technical ability do not delay an effective emergency response. Similarly, to prevent the risks of delays, the platform can be configured to automatically communicate key information, roles, and responsibilities to those with a duty to protect the public. 

With every message, response, and decision recorded by the platform, Rave's critical communication and collaboration solution for federal agencies drives accountability, reliability, and effective incident response – notwithstanding that communications can be reviewed in after-event debriefs to identify areas of the incident response in which improvements can be made to emergency preparedness to mitigate the impact of future incidents. 

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See Rave Mobile Safety's Federal Solution in Action 

The Rave platform can be put into action in practically any event which requires one-to-many communication. Critical messages can be sent to thousands of people in a matter of seconds through a wide range of communication channels, the platform supports collaboration with other agencies to keep everyone “in the know”, and real-time status reports can be quickly gathered to identify where your people are and how they are doing. 

FedRAMP authorized, IPAWS-OPEN, and SAFETY Act approved, Rave Mobile Safety's federal communication and collaboration solution empowers federal agencies to better prepare and quickly respond to any incident in order to facilitate a faster recovery and better preparation for the next incident. The platform can be used to improve first responder situational awareness, enhance soft target safety, and drive positive citizen engagement. 

If you would like to find out more about the platform's capabilities or would like to see Rave Mobile Safety's federal solution in action, do not hesitate to get in touch and request a free demo. Our team of public safety experts will be happy to tailor a demonstration to your specific requirements, describe how the Rave platform can be integrated with other public safety solutions, and answer any questions you have about building out an effective incident command center for all types of events. 

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Terri Mock
Terri Mock

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