Survey Results: PSAP Training, Turnover and Staffing

August 13, 2014

Todd Piett

This is the forth post on results from Rave’s 2013 PSAP Survey to which 610 PSAPs from 50 states responded.  This post covers PSAP training, turnover, staffing and other work force stats.  See the third post here on 9-1-1 call answer times.

First, a couple general stats of interest from the responses:

  • Average Vacancy Rate =  7%
  • Average annual turnover rate (percentage of staff lost in most recent 12-month period) = 9.5%
  • Average percentage of your total personnel cost associated with overtime = 13%

Q1. Do you have blended call taking and dispatching roles or separate roles?  66% report that calls are answered and dispatched by the same telecommunicator.  Larger centers were more weighted toward separate call taking and dispatching functions.

 Q2: What is the composition of the PSAP’s workforce?

Q3: What type of shifts does your telecommunications staff work?


Q4: What Telecommunicator shift length do you believe to be ideal for achieving operational efficiency, effectiveness (employee performance and cost), and an adequate work-life balance?

 Q5: If your answer to the ideal shift length question was different from the actual shift length utilized in your PSAP, please select the reason(s) for not changing it.



Q6:  How many hour of training are REQUIRED per year for a Telecommunicator?


Next up, NG9-1-1 and New Technologies…

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