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May 4, 2016

Noah Reiter

I often think about what makes Rave Mobile Safety different from other technology companies that develop public safety solutions. I believe it comes down to a single value that permeates everything we do at Rave: Care.

At Rave we truly care about our customers, and the public safety industry and community as a whole. “Ravers,” as we like to call ourselves, spend countless hours learning from public safety professionals and incorporating their feedback into each of our solutions. Ravers also give back to the industry by freely providing expertise we gain through exploratory conversations, and best practices developed by our customers’ use of the solutions we provide.

The Rave Emergency Communications & Response Summit held each May in Boston is a great example of how Rave learns from, pushes forward, and gives back to the public safety industry.


At the Summit, we spend several days with our customers. During this time, we present concepts for new products, and enhancements to existing products and let our customers tear them apart.

Customer feedback makes good concepts stronger by expanding upon them or developing a better alternative.  Customers share industry challenges to see if our solutions can help address them. And sometimes ideas that we were excited about internally are met with less enthusiasm when presented at the Summit and subsequently abandoned. These discussions are critical to our customers’ success. For Rave, they are invaluable in helping focus our energy and resources on features and products that will have the most immediate operational impact, and not waste time on ones that won’t.

Another benefit of the Emergency Communications & Response Summit is the afternoon of general sessions of meaningful keynote addresses and thought-provoking panel discussions on public safety’s most pressing challenges.

summit2015_This year’s speaker lineup and panels promise to be especially noteworthy. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, and retired Philadelphia Police Commissioner and former Washington DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey will discuss latest trends and issues in law enforcement. A panel discussion on response to active shooter incidents will be kicked off by Benjamin Cazenoves’ gripping account of survival during last November’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Finally, a multidisciplinary panel will address the escalating challenges associated with the opioid and synthetic drug epidemics in the U.S.

It’s an afternoon not to be missed. If you are within striking distance of Boston, please join us in person. If you aren’t, you can view a live stream of the sessions and participate in the conversation on Twitter by using #911Summit. Register to attend in person or online at

summit2_2105Rave opens this portion of the Summit to all public safety and emergency management practitioners, both public and private sector, at no cost. It is the only free event that I am aware of that provides the public safety community with an opportunity to hear from leaders in the field, as well as network and engage in meaningful dialog with their peers from across the country. It’s just Rave’s way of contributing to the industry that we care most deeply about, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

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