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This week in industry news, EdScoop discusses how the University of San Francisco has implemented facial recognition technology in dorms to give students an extra layer of protection and top crime on campus before it happens. For the university's security officials, it's a constant challenge to sort out who belongs and who represents a potential threat to safety, especially in student dorms. 

"Our No. 1 crime prevention tip is to tell students to walk as a group. When the students get to this dorm... the first one swipes at the card reader and the all the rest file in behind them, " said Jason Rossi, the university's director of campus security systems. "Immediately, by having the students follow our No. 1 safety tip, we've lost our occupancy assurance."

Key Highlights:

  • Students still swipe ID cards as they enter a dorm, but the facial recognition software scans the faces of every person who walks into the building in real time against USF's student ID photos hosted in the cloud. If the system detects a face it doesn't recognize, the dorm attendant receives a notification to assess the situation. 
  • The USF system only stores a student's biometric data for the duration of the time that they live in a campus residence hall and campus security officials say the footage from the cameras is not actively being watched.
  • The system also allows for instant alerts and video recordings at the scene of a card-swipe if someone uses an ID that has been reported lost or stolen. 

So far, the privacy concerns about such a system have been muted, officials at the university of said.

You can access the full story here

This Week From the Rave Team

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Abandon Paper Registries, Not Vulnerable PopulationsCover

The objectives of a Vulnerable Needs Registry are to make sure the right resources are in the right place to help the right people at the right time. Yet many registries are still maintained on paper - making them difficult to keep up-to-date and potentially delaying the provision of help to those who need it most. We offer 7 best practices to help you save time and money when moving your vulnerable needs registry online.


Rave in the News

7-year-old Joshua King of Hancock County, Indiana is being praised for his brave and heroic work for calling 911 when his grandmother, Kristeen Walker, passed out in her garage earlier this month. Hancock County 911 Telecommunicator Greg Duda who answered the emergency call said he was unable to get an address from Joshua, but was quickly able to pull up information about who lived in Walker's house and where it was located from her Smart911 Safety Profile. 

"I saw the information and I asked I was speaking to Josh," Duda said. "He replied, 'no, I go by Joshua,' and I knew we had the right information." Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene where they found Walker unconscious but breathing. 

After the incident, Walker said she has had discussions with Joshua in the past about calling 911 if something ever happened to her. She creates both him and Smart911 for the quick response and for possibly saving her life. 

To read the full story, click here. 

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In October of 2019, officials at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe High School in Texas disclosed the devastating long term impact of...

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