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world1-3In The News This Week

This week in industry news, nonprofit research group Project Tomorrow and ed-tech company Blackboard Inc.released a report on how schools are meeting new expectations for school-to-home communications. The key takeaway? Parent’s want schools to communicate with them via email and that is why school’s more recent focus on using social media platforms to get their messages out is missing the mark.

Report Highlights:

  • Parent’s overwhelmingly prefer email communications for both district- and teacher-level communications
  • 16% of parents say Facebook is an effective way to communicate school and district information, compared with 78% of district communications officers
  • Nearly half of parents want school and district information texted directly to them, while just 19% want to go to a website to find the information

According to Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, “The data shows that parents value having information pushed to them rather than having to search and find it on their own. What is surprising is the disconnect we see between what parents and administrators say are the best communication tools.”


This Week From the Rave Team

Read some of the stories our writers were most excited to share with you this week. To access all of our stories, check out our blog.


Why We Should Consider This Emergency Management Process for Ending School Violence

school violenceRave Mobile Safety CEO Todd Piett speaks out after the recent tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Todd offers industry insight on how public safety leaders can leverage a holistic, multi-pronged approach known as the emergency management life cycle to better protect our citizenry.

                                READ MORE


Data and Trends Shaping 2019 Critical Communications in the Workplace

workplace violence

Industry leaders Don Aviv and Juliette Kayyem join Rave Mobile Safety CEO Todd Piett on a webinar to discuss key findings from a recent workplace safety and preparedness survey. Are you struggling to communicate with your millennial employees? Are you fulfilling employees’ demand for mobile communication? Here's how to bridge the gap.

                                                                                          READ MORE


Rave in the News

Moving into the role of CEO can be challenging – you are charged to lead, innovate, and listen throughout all levels of your organization. Rave Mobile Safety CEO Todd Piett shared his perspective in a recent article by FierceCEO titled “New CEOs need fortitude, curiosity and savvy to succeed“. To new CEOs, Todd had this advice to give:

“The first, and best piece of advice I can pass on to a new CEO is the one most people already know but can easily lose sight of in the onslaught of day-to-day tasks: It’s all about your people. The only way you can scale yourself and your organization is by encouraging an atmosphere of respect and trust, where across all levels of the organization people are empowered to make decisions, be comfortable making mistakes and willing to challenge the status quo.”

On being consistent – “A great mentor told me not to try and be someone you aren’t. While we all have areas to improve upon, don’t put on an artificial mantel just because you took on a new title. It’s not sustainable and others will see the inconsistencies in your behavior, frustrating themselves as they try to guess your intent.”

You can access the full story here.

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What is Red Collar Crime?

Red collar crime is a sub-group of white collar crime in which the perpetrator uses violence to avoid detection or prosecution. Although red collar crime appears to be a rare...

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