Moving into 2018: Managing Growth and Scaling Infrastructure

December 2, 2017


managing growth and scaling infrastructure, Security Incident Management Software

How We’re Managing Growth and Scaling Infrastructure to Ensure Continued Quality for Our Customers

Over the past year, Rave has continued its rapid growth, not only adding over 700 new customers, but also greatly increasing the scenarios for which our solutions are used.  The net result is our 911 enhancing system, the Rave 911 Suite,  is processing millions of emergency calls per month, while our mass notification system is sending new notifications  on average every two minutes, 24 hrs a day, while delivering tens of millions of messages per month.

In order to support the growing volume at the level of service our clients expect and deserve, we’re announcing  exciting new infrastructure enhancements:

–  Data center and infrastructure enhancements. It has always been our belief, that infrastructure supporting life-critical systems needs to be public-safety grade.  As a company, we recognize that means we need to minimize dependencies on external vendors and as such have made the investment in our own geo-redundant infrastructure and 24×7 technical operations.  Few vendors can make this claim.  The results have been worth the investment as we had the flexibility to manage around major “internet wide” events in both 2016 and 2017 that brought down cloud infrastructure providers, with minimal impact to our customers. As we move into 2018 we are adding more data centers, on separate power grids and backbones.

–  Messaging capacity. With a 50% increase in messaging in 2017 over 2016, and a projected growth exceeding that in 2018, Rave is making a major investment in increased messaging capacity.  Scalability and performance testing as well as real world results from events like the “Great Shakeout” identified areas for enhancements in both software performance, and down stream messaging delivery connections.  As such, Rave has already added more than double its SMS messaging capacity in the past 30 days leading into the New Year, and has software enhancements coming in early 2018 to increase the projected delivery performance by another 40%.

–  Data security continues to be a top priority.  Rave is officially in process with a FedRamp certification– one of the few Software-as-a-Service safety software vendors to make have that designation.  Additionally, we have increased the investment in outside security audits and tools to move towards a state of “continuous assessment” vs the traditional annual process.  Coupled with an official bug bounty program to be launched in early 2018, Rave is making a significant investment in staying ahead of the bad actors.

In addition to our “behind the scenes” improvements mentioned here.  Look out for some really powerful new features we’ll be announcing in the coming months!

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