Lessons from Our Survey: Planning for Workplace Emergencies

February 3, 2018

Andrea LeBron

Workplace Safety ProceduresWhat We Learned From Our Survey: Planning for Workplace Emergencies

by Andrea Lebron, Rave Mobile Safety

At the end of 2017, Rave Mobile Safety conducted a Workplace Safety and Preparedness survey focused on planning for workplace emergencies. Over 530 employees from various industries across the United States told us how safe they feel at work and how confident they were in their employer’s preparedness for an emergency.

Our survey revealed that employee perceptions and employer policies for workplace safety are not aligned – particularly in the areas of hazardous materials incidents, workplace violence, severe weather alerts and active shooter incidents. There were also discrepancies in the way employees of different generations perceived their own responsibilities for workplace safety.

“The survey gives great insight into what employees know – and don’t know – about safety processes in place at their workplace and how they feel about their safety while at work overall,” says Rave Mobile Safety CEO Todd Piett. “We hope the statistics shed light on where the industry needs to improve and how we can implement technology to help workers feel safer at their place of business.”

“The survey gives great insight into what employees know – and don’t know – about safety processes in place at their workplace and how they feel about their safety while at work overall.”

– Todd Piett, ENP, CEO of Rave Mobile Safety


Survey Reviewed by Industry Experts

Our Workplace Safety and Preparedness Survey was reviewed by Juliette Kayyem, Chief Executive Officer at Zemcar, and Don Aviv, Chief Operating Officer at Interfor International. Juliette and Don agreed that the survey revealed workplaces miss the mark in critical communication and planning, and could be unprepared to meet the future needs of employees.

With regard to the low percentage of respondents that indicated their workplace had preparedness drills in place for active shooter incidents, Juliette told us: “Given the current landscape of the workforce, a company’s ability to focus on an active shooter or workplace violence incident is absolutely paramount.”

Don’s concerns were related to the low percentage of respondents who told us their workplaces had a mass text notification system in place. “Currently the top way of notifying employees about an incident that happens while they are in the office is through an intercom system,” he said – adding: “As the number of Millennials and Generation Z employees rises, and where we work from becomes more fluid, organizations will need to move beyond a loudspeaker announcement to alert employees.”

Join Todd, Juliette and Don for Our Exclusive Webinar

On Thursday, March 1st from 12-1pm EDT, we will be hosting an exclusive webinar in which Todd, Juliette and Don will be showcasing the survey results and discussing why employees and employers are not seeing eye-to-eye on workplace safety preparation. In addition, the team will highlight what the findings mean for businesses moving forward into 2019 and provide tips for workplace safety preparedness.

Readers are invited to register for the webinar now to be the first to know about the direction workplace safety preparedness is taking and where it should be heading. Webinar registrants will receive whitepaper access to the full findings of our Workplace Safety and Preparedness survey, which are broken down into various industries, age groups and more.

If you are unable to attend the webinar, we will be following up the event on our blog, or you can follow Rave Mobile Safety on Twitter or LinkedIn for more industry insights and tips. Rave Mobile Safety provides innovative communication software for better emergency preparedness and faster response. Make sure you are prepared to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Register for our exclusive Workplace Safety and Preparedness webinar today.


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