Info Sheet: Smart911 for 9-1-1

September 1, 2016


Smart911Additional Data for Faster, More Effective Response

Smart911 helps 9-1-1 call takers and first responders make faster, better decisions, shorten response times and save lives.

The Smart911 information and communication platform helps in multiple ways:

  • Helps protect first responders
  • Advances police-public partnership and communication
  • Embraces  and leverages mobile technology
  • Connects with vulnerable populations

Smart911 is trusted by thousands of 9-1-1 centers and first responders nationwide


Analytics for 9-1-1

Rave Analytics: Simplified Access to 9-1-1 Call Data Gives 9-1-1 Directors and Supervisors easy, anytime web-based access to call reporting data and analyticsMap-based data offers intuitive insight into your historic call

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