Info Sheet: Rave Prepare for State and Local

November 7, 2015


SmartPrepare_Info Sheet Rave Prepare for whole community preparedness leverages your existing Smart911 service and provides the capabilities needed to better prepare for and proactively respond to disasters and other emergencies:

  • Power Outages: Rapidly identify and locate individuals who have critical dependencies on electricity, such as ventilators, kidney dialysis, or medications requiring refrigeration.
  • Evacuation: Locate those individuals who require assistance due to mobility limitations or transportation challenges and plan for the necessary transportation resources that are needed.
  • Transportation Interruptions: Determine which residents have critical needs – such as kidney dialysis, home healthcare, in-home oxygen requirements – that will go unmet during a sustained transportation disruption.
  • Shelter Resource Planning: Provide the resources the community will need during an incident requiring emergency sheltering. Information related to medical conditions, disabilities, pet information, primary language spoken, and other access and functional needs can all be obtained in advance of a disaster.



Info Sheet: Smart911 for 9-1-1

Additional Data for Faster, More Effective Response Smart911 helps 9-1-1 call takers and first responders make faster, better decisions, shorten response times and save lives The Smart911 information and communication

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