Conversations to Have at DRI2018 Conference

February 6, 2018

Andrea LeBron

Nashville DRI2018 med

Conversations to Have at the DRI 2018 Conference

On February 11th, a few of our Framingham-based employees will be attending DRI2018 – The Professional’s Conference in Nashville, TN. Hosted in the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, the Rave Mobile Safety team will be staffing booth # 204, so come on by to chat.

While our team will enjoy the slightly milder weather, here’s a key conversation we look forward to having with conference attendees.

What are key components that should be included in your business continuity plans?

Based on feedback we’ve heard from our customers and industry colleagues, here are the  essential elements we’ve heard for every business continuity plan:

  • Timely and Targeted Communication:
    Communication must happen before, during and after a crisis. Having a plan in place, communicating, and putting it into action can be streamlined by using technologies such as critical communications platform. This technology allows you to send messages with two clicks to all communication modes including text, email, voice, app push notifications, RSS feeds, digital signage, and more, within seconds, ensuring that your audience receives your messages as soon as possible.
  • Employee Engagement:
    Keeping track of your employees during and after an event can be challenging, especially during events requiring evacuations as was the case during the 2017 hurricane season. Leveraging a platform to manage two-way communication tools such as polling to perform wellness checks can easily be done by phone, text or email.
  • Real-time Employee Protection:
    Duty of care is top of mind for many business continuity leaders. An ideal situation is one where you can take control of unexpected incidents. In order to do this, you need to easily assemble key decision makers with a one-click conference bridge and communicate next steps for incident management to staff, with minimal disruptions to the workplace.
  • Effective Risk Management:
    In order to mitigate risk and speed up disaster recovery, you need a platform to easily execute your plans, by managing the incident, communicating with your team, and coordinating a response.  Depending on the situation, you want to be able to leverage two-way communications, accessible content, response team mobilizations, system integrations, and redundant business communications. Leveraging a platform that can create templates and workflows to tie into your business continuity plans, while also displaying everything in an incident management and response dashboard makes a huge difference.

Stay focused on managing the incident and not on delivering a message. Rave Business Solutions enables efficient two-way communications with real-time feedback for an actionable response.

What else can we add?

What are the key components you can’t forget in your business continuity plans? Stop by our booth #204 and let us know.

Also, don’t forget to fill out a Smart911 Safety Profile while you’re in Nashville, TN.

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