Don’t Overlook This One Factor With Emergency Notifications

October 21, 2016


When you are evaluating different emergency notification systems, have you considered how easy to use the system would be under extreme duress?

We all know that stress and fear impair our critical thinking, but many of us don’t realize how much. With emergency notification, stress and fear make communication decisions difficult. That’s why it’s critical to consider ease of use when it comes to choosing a vendor for this service.

emergency notificationWe designed our Rave Alert with a highly intuitive interface which simplifies the process of sending messages under stress. When you compare emergency notification systems, ensure the interface makes the send process as easy as possible. Some interface attributes to look for include.

  • Is color coding used to indicate when a step in the message sending process is completed? Using color is an easy way to highlight important sections you might miss under stressful conditions.
  • Can you create message templates ahead of time? This lets you change a few details on a message when you’re in a hurry. Most of our customers prefer to save templates ahead of time for quick access.
  • Does your message carry over across all modes of communication? Having the same messaging for each mode saves you time when seconds count.  .
  • Can you be sure the right message is being sent? Look for a confirmation check before a message is sent. This last minute check lets you be sure the right message is going to the right people every time.
  • What if there is an issue or you need assistance? Customer Service is only valuable if it’s there when you need it. Don’t settle for anything less than a 24/7/365 hotline customers can call anytime to send out a message, giving you piece of mind.

raveimage_alertAgain, sending an alert can be highly stressful. Using your emergency notification system shouldn’t add to that stress with a confusing, hard to use interface. Next time you consider options for a system, please pay close attention to this aspect. It’s an absolutely critical consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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