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Corporate Safety is Top of Mind for 2019

We are only a few weeks into the new year, and workplace safety has already become a major point of conversation in 2019. At Rave, we have noticed a recent interest increase in our corporate safety related content, and these topics show no signs of slowing down. We predict that emergency preparedness will continue to grow in relevancy for business organizations as 2019 continues. 

Critical communications for businesses have become much more in depth over the past few years. Implementing and maintaining corporate emergency plans involve many moving pieces to consider, including technology and communications trends. Here are five pieces to get up to speed and gain insights into modern workplace safety:

Workplace Safety Survey Results Cover 31. Survey Analysis: Workplace Safety & Preparedness

Click here to view now.

Last year, Rave surveyed more than 500 employees from various industries across the US about employee perceptions on workplace safety. We have complied our findings into the Workplace Safety and Preparedness Survey Analysis.

Discover the top highlights including insights into preferred communications methods. The analysis also dives deep into findings like generational differences in knowledge of company emergency preparedness plans and more.

Click here to access the survey results >>


MUSC Case Study Thumbnail2. Case Study: Hurricane Crisis Communication at Medical University of South Carolina

Click here to view now.

In September 2018, Hurricane Florence barreled towards the Carolinas. The crisis communication team at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) enacted its response plan six days prior to landfall, sending messages out to 23,400 members of its campus community.

Read the case study to learn about MUSC’s approach to crisis communications and best practices to communicate with its community, whether on a daily basis or during a natural disaster such as Hurricane Florence.

Learn more about MUSC's experience >>


Healthcare Trends3. Trend Report: Emergency Preparedness and Security Trends in Healthcare

Click here to view now.

Our survey results examine the current and most pressing emergency concerns for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Learn what respondents consider their biggest safety concerns, what actual events occurred within the previous two years, and what issues they had encountered when communicating emergency incidents to employees, patients, and visitors. The report also identifies several issues with how emergency incidents are communicated.

View the full healthcare report here >>


Emergency Notification System Evaluation4. Whitepaper: Emergency Notification Systems Evaluation: 6 Overlooked Criteria

Click here to view.

Your Emergency Notification System should be evaluated regularly to ensure you are aware of the system capabilities and limitations as well as how these areas may be impacted by advancements made in today’s modern technology.

We conducted a full Emergency Notification Systems evaluation to ensure your corporate safety plan is stronger than just “good enough” when it comes to such lifesaving technology. This whitepaper outlines six areas outside of strict technical criteria that can make or break your emergency communication efforts.

Click here to view the criteria >>


Thubmanil5. Case Study: Multi-National Consumer Goods Manufacturer Sees Rapid Results

Click here to view now.

A global manufacturer of consumer goods was hurting from the cost of poor communications because of their ineffective home grown notification system. To improve communication speed and corporate resiliency, the corporation implanted a  fast, reliable mass notification system. Discover how the organization is now able to rapidly communicate information and saw a $189k return on investment from a single incident.

Read the full case study now >>

Corporate environments across the country are having conversations about safety and emergency preparedness. Last year, more and more businesses began taking steps to protect against, communicate, and minimize the effects of an emergency situation. The past year has shown that emergencies and disasters can strike anywhere, anytime, including businesses. Now that is it 2019, the corporate security landscape goes beyond basics to keeps employees informed and safe.

Emergency preparedness is becoming more complex for businesses as technology, communication, and society continues to evolve. There is plenty of buzz surrounding safety solutions, and it can be tricky to cut through the noise. Discover top industry trends and gain actionable insights from subject matter expects at Rave Summit. Join Rave Mobile Safety, our partners, customers, and specialists as they help security professionals and industry peers learn the latest tricks, tips, and best practices in the evolving world public safety at #RaveSummit. Click here to learn more and register by January 31 to save 45% off registration!

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Samantha Hoppe
Samantha Hoppe

Sam Hoppe is Rave's Digital Marketing Specialist. She works closely with the Rave team on emails, blogs, and the website. Favorite topics include state and local government issues, emergency management, current events and feel-good stories. A New Jersey native turned Bostonian, you can find Sam exploring new bars and restaurants or enjoying live shows across the city.

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