Community Policing and the Growing Impact of Modern Technology

March 3, 2017

Todd Piett

Community Policing Modern Technology

How Law Enforcement Agencies Are Leveraging Technology To Develop and Support Community Policing

Even before community policing became a common term in law enforcement circles, our clients were driving Rave down the path of creating solutions that foster improved communications and sharing of information with the populations they serve. From mass notification solutions to anonymous crime tips, to scale-able vulnerable needs registries, Rave was nudged down the path of helping enable community policing before we knew what it was.

While many of the concepts of community policing have been tested in projects across the country for years, the concept of community policing began to really take shape and gain momentum following a series of high profile events involving police and citizens across the United States over the past few years. Gallup conducted a poll in the summer of 2015 to measure public confidence in the police:

  • 48% of respondents had “some,” “very little,” or “no,” confidence
  • 25% of respondents had “quite a lot” of confidence

The lack of confidence was even more pronounced in the African American and Hispanic communities. This white paper titled Bridging the Gap: 21st Century Community Policing, details some innovative policing programs from around the country and the fantastic results they have achieved.

We have also seen some really powerful uses of our technology in improving the engagement between the law enforcement community and the broader community they serve. Here are a few examples:

  • An anonymous tip from a concerned roommate, submitted through Rave Eyewitness enabled police to confiscate a firearm before the student was able to use it, averting a potential active shooter incident.
  • Atlanta area community police units use registration with Smart911 as a way to engage with vulnerable needs populations.
  • Communities such as Purdue University are instantly alerted to emergency events such as active shooter incidents, reducing the impact of such events

Read more examples of how Rave’s suite helps speed responses and improve community engagement on our stories page.

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