Successful Community Alerting Through Widespread Local Engagement

October 30, 2017


community alerting


” A community alerting system is only as effective as the number of people registered in your database.”

— Nick Holloway, Missoula County OEM Projects Coordinator

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In remote areas of America, it is crucial to place emphasis on community alerting. An effective alert system requires constant encouragement to receiving communities for sign ups. This is exactly what Nick Holloway does for his community, Missoula MT.

Holloway, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Projects Coordinator, is responsible for outreach and promoting community emergency readiness as well as public education for the Smart911 program.

Missoula County is 2,618 mi2 and has a large range in both topography and demography consisting of a city, multiple rural towns, and valleys. Because of these large ranges, there are many weather-related events such as wildfires, floods, windstorms etc, that warrants mass notification.

Individuals are not only left susceptible to the elements when they do not take part in the alert system but animals as well. Rural towns give way for farmland; should there be a disaster the animals would be negatively affected.

A Rave customer since 2012, Missoula leverages the Rave 911 Suite for additional emergency call data and Rave Alert for community alerting and mass notification to act as barriers of protection for their community against disasters. Because of this, it is imperative that members of Missoula County are subscribed to their community alerting system.

The success of an alert depends on the number of individuals signed up to receive it. The success of an individual’s subscription to an alert system falls on the promotion of the system. Without proper engagement on the behalf of the OEM, the security system will fail in getting the word out and urgency of mass notification will be lost.

To hear more from Nick Holloway and his experiences during widespread emergencies and keeping his community engaged, click here to access the full 30 minute webinar.

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