Andrea Lebron

Andrea Lebron
Andrea is Rave's Director of Digital Marketing, a master brainstormer and avid coffee drinker. Andrea joined Rave in August 2017, after 10 years of proposal and corporate marketing at an environmental engineering firm. You'll find her working with her amazing team in writing and producing blogs like this one, improving your journey to and through our website, and serving you up the best email content. When she's not in front of a keyboard, she's chasing after her three daughters or indulging in her husband's latest recipe. Andrea has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Management from Northeastern University and an MBA from Curry College.
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Recent Posts

panic button hotel

Should Hotels be Offering Panic Buttons to Their Staff?

In recent years, a number of hotels have started issuing wearable panic buttons to employees whose job involves...
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Four Books About Improving Internal Communications During A Crisis

Having strong corporate communications can help your business weather just about any storm. Most of us know how...
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college mental health statistics

The Growing Trends in College Mental Health Statistics

A closer look at college mental health statistics shows an increase in students suffering from illnesses and the...
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Active Shooter Situations in Schools

How Virtual Reality Is Changing The Way Police Handle Active Shooter Situations in Schools

There is an ever-increasing demand for training programs that will accurately simulate active shooter situations in...
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Mobile Workforce Safety Statistics

The Latest on Mobile Workforce Safety Statistics

Most safety professionals acknowledge it is extremely difficult to find accurate mobile workforce safety statistics....
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Denver Map

Denver 911 Webinar Recap: Solving the Challenge With Mobile Caller Location

The Denver 9-1-1 team, in collaboration with technology partners, RapidSOS and Rave Mobile Safety, presented a...
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Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring in K-12: Where's the Thin Line?

The debate about social media monitoring in K-12 schools has been ongoing for many years. Those in favor argue it is...
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4 Ways to Use Mass Notification to Promote Workplace Safety

If your organization is using mass notification for things like severe weather notifications, you should also...
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Generation Z college students

3 Ways Campus Safety can Engage with Generation Z College Students

With a new and returning crop of Generation Z college students coming on campus in September, it's critical for...
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Campus Safety Technology for the Deaf

How Campuses Leverage Tech for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Campuses across the nation are leveraging technology for their deaf and hard of hearing students. Around 20,000 deaf...
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student engagement campus safety

4 Ways to Encourage Student Engagement in Campus Safety

Campus safety officials have earned a new importance in recent years. No longer are they just the ones locking doors...
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Campus Personal Safety App

7 Essentials to Look for in Campus Personal Safety Apps

Although most college campuses have quieted down for summer break, it’s never too early to start planning for the...
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