ASIS 2017 Trends and Expectations

September 7, 2017


ASIS 2017


ASIS 2017 International Conference Event in Dallas, Texas

Our goal at the ASIS 2017 conference is to speak with as many professionals from different business units with the enterprise or private sector, especially as it relates to employee crisis communications.

Written by Garth Fraser, Rave Mobile Safety

The show must go on for the ASIS 2017 conference, a resilient spirit that many Texans have shown despite the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey. As I watched the chaos unfold during and after the storm took its path, I began to think about how critical of a role communications played throughout it all. Having worked at Rave Mobile Safety, a leading provider of communication tools, for 2 years, I have seen the power of communication first-hand during and after emergencies, helping many customers install systems that have come to prove their worth.

On a personal note, I also thought about how important company to employee communication must have been as Harvey became an official hurricane mid-way through a work-day on Friday, August 25th. Hurricane Harvey was just one instance of the many types of situations that would warrant company to employee communication. Other examples include:

• Weather
• Active Assailant
• Fire
• Bomb Threat
• Gas Leak
• Medical Event

We continue to see this broaden to some instances which would require similar communications such as:

• Suspicious Person on Premise
• Local Police activity
• Disgruntled Former Employee
• Suspicious Package
• Regional Emergency Exercises
• Chemical Spill
• Cyber-attacks

Coordinated and effective employee communications during any incident is something my colleagues and I are looking forward to discussing more at the ASIS 2017 conference.

Rave’s Expectations at ASIS 2017

Our expectations at the ASIS 2017 conference are to speak with as many professionals from different business units with the enterprise or private sector, especially as it relates to employee crisis communications. We want to understand the perspective of Facilities and Environmental Health and Safety managers when weather, power outages and staff safety events become an issue and require mass communication.

Our understanding is that accessibility of off-hour leadership security notifications and situational awareness is a growing need for many corporations, as they allow teams to be in touch with safety advisories, fire drill announcements, staff safety events and potential safety hazards. We also hope to learn more about the importance to companies of one touch conference call bridging for critical meetings and the ability to implement a mobile panic button for traveling employees.
Lastly, two other potential company to employee communication opportunities that we want to explore are operations, information technology groups or IT and human resources.

Could the following communications examples for operation managers provide value?

• Supply Chain Disruptions
• Product Recalls
• Shift Delays or Cancelations
• Open Shift Availability
• Field Team Alerts

Likewise, could IT departments and human resources benefit from the ability to send urgent updates when say a cyber-attack hits an enterprise or if an outage has occurred? Company to employee critical communications could also be used for more light-hearted notes such as benefit enrollments, meeting/holiday reminders and event announcements.

Let’s discuss the importance of total communications for your enterprise when a crucial moment arises. Stop by Booth #4676 at the ASIS 2017 conference, meet the Rave Mobile Safety team and learn about a few of our products that provide company to employee critical communication platforms.

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