ASIS 2017 Key Takeaways

October 19, 2017

Andrea LeBron

asis 2017 key takeaways

The ASIS 2017 Key Takeaways

The ASIS 2017 conference revealed several questions and key takeaways for those in the enterprise or private sector, as it relates to employee crisis communications.

by Garth Fraser, Rave Mobile Safety

It’s hard to believe that ASIS 2017 conference was two weeks ago. Conversations brought up during the show went beyond our expectations. One of our ASIS 2017 key takeaways was the need for companies to respond and communicate during an emergency or event today and identify what’s needed for the future.

Some of the common questions we heard were:

  • What kind of company notification systems exist that integrate with several other on-premise systems?
  • Would these mass notification systems have the capability to initiate an alert for various platforms automatically?

Disaster-Related Emergencies and Off-Site Employee Wellness Communications

It was no surprise that disaster-related emergency communication questions were also mentioned. Natural disasters were top of mind as many companies affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria were present at the conference. A priority for them is the ability to perform “wellness” checks with their employees. Some other topics that were brought up were:

  • The need for companies with field workers or “lone employees” to be able to communicate if their safety is threatened while off-site
  • The ability to provide access to important safety documentation so that an employee can view procedures for certain situations if safety leadership isn’t available

    Rave Panic Button can increase emergency response time
    Many ASIS 2017 attendees were interested in products that could be used for urgent employee communications.

One of the larger business issues companies are facing is protecting employees in other countries. Employers based in the US face a gap in checking on employee wellness when offsite. This was a common pain point for these folks on how to initiate communication.

With potential phone carrier issues in certain parts of the world, “in application” messaging seems to be a potential avenue companies can take. Multifunction applications with a “one touch” panic button, email, “ see something, say something” abilities to notify internal resources of a potential employee issue has become a common request.

The last of our ASIS 2017 key takeaways was the desire for technology solutions that address the mentioned concerns — a service that provides a reliable safety net and implements a communication platform that enables fast and easy connection with employees no matter the circumstances. As a society, we’re forced to realize the consistent incline of natural disasters, infrastructure outages and violent incidents around the world. Communities and organizations alike should all be ready to act in any situation, rather than reacting after the incident.

asis 2017 key takeaways


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