2013 PSAP Survey Results: 9-1-1 Funding and Oversight

June 27, 2014

Todd Piett

In the early summer of 2013, Rave conducted an anonymous survey on 9-1-1 operations, work force management, and technology initiatives.  610 PSAPs from 50 states responded to the Survey, with 96% being primary PSAPs and 4% secondary.   Due to the survey methodology, we could never assign a true confidence interval and sampling error to the study and thus it languished and wasn’t ever published.  I recently dusted it off and pulled out the data which is unambiguous and provides clear trends and insights, if not always 100% statistically accurate.  Over a series of posts, I’ll share the results.  First up… some basic information about 9-1-1 funding models and oversight on the agencies that responded.

What entity is responsible for oversight of your PSAP?

Oversight_responsibilityPlease indicate the funding source(s) for your PSAP by reporting the approximate percentage of each funding source. The chart below shows compiled averages for all respondents.

Funding_sourcesFor how many jurisdictions (i.e. towns, cities, counties) and agencies (i.e. law enforcement, fire, EMS, etc.) does your PSAP provide service?  This provides a good picture into the average size of agencies responding representing a broad spectrum.


Next up, Call Volumes and Use of Scripted protocols





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