9 Mind-Blowing Safety Tips


Rather than telling you to wash your hands or cover your mouth when you cough, we put together unique and helpful safety tips that our Facebook fans deemed most useful this winter.

Wait for at least 30 minutes after waking up before shoveling to avoid a heart attack!


 Could you  save your pet with CPR? 
Follow these easy steps! 


The leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in North America
is carbon monoxide poisoning  


Don’t use your portable heaters to dry shoes or clothes. Keep heaters at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn – including you!


Want a New Year’s Eve resolution you can actually keep? Resolve to keep your family safe by signing up for Smart911.com today! 


PET SAFETY : If you are cold, they are cold. Bring your pets inside!


SAFETY WARNING: Using a generator indoors can kill you in minutes

generator danger

 You never know when you’ll encounter a winter weather emergency.


COLD WEATHER WARNING: Cats may hide under cars or climb into the engine for warmth, getting trapped and sometimes killed when the car is started. 



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