Whitepaper: 9-1-1 System Funding and NG9-1-1


Public Safety organizations and the emergency number community are aggressively working to design a Next Generation emergency calling platform that can handle both emergent consumer communication technologies as well as leverage significant operational benefits enabled by IP-based communication infrastructures. The impacts of the aptly named “NG9-1-1” project are far reaching and touch not just how calls are technically managed, but the “business” of emergency communications. Tomorrow’s 9-1- 1 eco-system will encompass a broader spectrum of services, interconnection of partners and capabilities that weren’t envisioned when the current models for funding the emergency communication network were created. Public Safety communications leaders need to understand the pending changes brought about by NG9-1-1 and plan now for the changes needed in legislation and operational processes. This white paper explores how the changes and capabilities brought about by NG9-1-1 impact existing funding models.