Instant connection and open communication among 9-1-1, first responders, and onsite personnel.

Violent incidents are an unfortunate reality at schools today.  Rave Panic Button provides  a powerful tool for improving the safety of teachers, students and administrators, in any number of situations ranging from altercations during counseling, assaults in the classroom, or active shooter scenarios.

Rave Panic Button provides first responders and critical personnel associated with the school with an immediate notification of the incident and the situational information they need to respond quickly and effectively.  Through Rave’s Smart911 solution, individuals that initiate a Panic Button are directly connected with those that are responding while others that need to know are also simultaneously notified, eliminating the time, cost, and confusion of having third parties in the middle of the process.

First responders know exactly who is in trouble, where they are, and other information that can help in the response.  Others at the school know what is going on and how to respond. A direct communication connection between the individual in trouble and responders allows for voice or text conversations as well as sharing of photos.

Rave Mobile Safety, a leader in safety software solutions, works with 100′s of public safety agencies across the country.  Contact us to find out more about how Rave Panic Button can improve safety at your school.

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