Understand and Meet the Needs of Your Whole Community

The foundation of a sound Whole Community Preparedness strategy is accurate, actionable information about individuals in your community. That information needs to include up-to-date details, which can be consolidated to provide situational awareness and drill-down capability for analysis. This becomes the basis for action to address individual and group needs.

SmartPrepare engages citizens and makes them active participants in emergency planning and preparedness. Using our convenient, secure online registration portal, all citizens can enter information about themselves, their families, and any information they want to share with local emergency managers.

Beyond Special Needs Registries – How SmartPrepare Works

SmartPrepare overlays critical data onto interactive maps, allowing managers to easily identify residents with medical, access or functional needs, and allocate resources accordingly. Individuals or groups with access or functional needs (or any query criteria you choose) are pinpointed on the map so emergency managers can quickly assess potential impact and allocate resources to the right places. SmartPrepare’s maps and queries also form the basis of targeted alerts – allowing rapid identification and alerting to any group or segment of your community.


SmartPrepare leverages accurate, citizen-provided information from a national database, which facilitates interoperability at the local, regional, state, and national levels. It lets emergency managers identify resource gaps for vulnerable population segments. GIS-based selection of opt-in and directory loaded users provides broad community coverage for emergency notification.

Address Every Individual in a Scalable, Consistent Manner

SmartPrepare allows you to identify at-risk individuals in your community, then communicate, manage, and scale your response appropriately.


Identify. SmartPrepare lets you identify at-risk segments in your community by location and specific need. When an emergency event approaches that requires evacuation you can use interactive maps to target your audience by geography and special need.


Communicate. Based on your knowledge of the community you can send the right actionable message to each individual – not just a broadcast notification. For example, you could send an inquiry by text and voice to your at-risk segment to determine their need and asking for a response.


Manage Responses. SmartPrepare’s two way messaging allows you to triage and focus your scarce resources where they will have the most impact, either prior to or post incident.


Branded citizen opt-in portal – People can opt-in to your alert system with preferences you define.

Citizen self-managed information – With automatic reminders to update and verify information.

Secure, national, geo-redundant database – Standard structure promotes interoperability.

Dynamic visual mapping – With on demand web-based mobile friendly design.

Multiple report and export options with detail to the individual level.

Pre-emergency planning – Identify and create at-risk groups and individuals. Helpful alert templates and best practice documents assist with communications and emergency planning.

Unlimited preset templates – Tailored for specific emergency types.

Unlimited usage model – Allows accurate budget planning.

Integrate with existing lists – Geo-coded ALI and other directories.

Define message targets – Geographically target alert recipients, referencing citizen opt-in data or pre-loaded contact information.

Delivery rates – Industry leading capacity ensures your entire population is notified in minutes no matter how big or small.

Reporting – Detailed “by recipient” reports show date/time, delivery methods, destination phone number and email, success/failure, calls connected, unconnected, busy, or operator intercepts.