Enhancing Whole Community Preparedness

What Is SmartPrepare?

Emergency Management and Public Health officials are charged with an incredible responsibility: mitigate the impact of a disaster and maintain plans, procedures, resources, and partnerships that will provide for the most effective response when a disaster strikes. Success is largely dependent on rapid access to information and collaborative relationships. SmartPrepare provides the actionable data and reporting tools needed to protect the public by strengthening mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities and operations.

Power Outage

Electricity is a comfort and convenience for all but it is critical for some – individuals dependent on electrically-powered medical devices, such as ventilators, or refrigeration for medications, such as insulin. With SmartPrepare, emergency management and public health officials have knowledge of, in advance of a power outage, the medical needs of the community. During a disaster, SmartPrepare provides emergency managers with rapid access to information to more efficiently address the situation.


Recent natural disasters have demonstrated the importance of knowing which individuals have physical conditions or other limitations impeding their ability to self-evacuate should the need arise. SmartPrepare gives government officials access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive secure database about their residents. The data can be queried through the use of any web-enabled device and results displayed on a map, in a list, or exported into other systems for further action.

Transportation Interruptions

Adverse weather can make roads impassable and safe transportation impossible for days or even upwards of a week. The inability to access facilities that provide critical medical therapy, for chronically-ill individuals, such as kidney dialysis, can quickly overwhelm the local emergency-response system and healthcare infrastructure. SmartPrepare provides emergency officials with the vital information necessary for making preparations for this type of localized disaster.

Shelter Resource Planning

Generically planning shelter resources does not necessarily meet the community’s actual needs. SmartPrepare provides the essential information – the medical needs of the community, the number of pets and animals that will require sheltering or relocation, as well as other vulnerabilities – required by emergency officials to prepare for the specific resource needs of their population.

How It Works

SmartPrepare is not a traditional ‘special needs’ or ‘disability’ registry. It allows any individual, family, or caregiver to enter and manage information online that can be accessed by Emergency Management and Public Health officials for preparedness and response. Information related to medical conditions, disabilities, access to transportation, pets/livestock, and much more can all be shared through a secure online Safety Profile. SmartPrepare then provides robust permission-based geospatial reporting on this citizen-managed data, allowing emergency managers to make better use of their limited resources to meet the community’s needs.

1. Collect & Manage

  • Intuitive, web-based citizen registration portal captures relevant information and geocodes addresses, eliminating the need for manual or custom processes
  • Fully functional mobile support for all devices
  • Customizable data collection based on jurisdictional needs
  • Automated processes to ensure citizens keep data up-to-date, improving resource planning efficiency and accuracy

2. Report & Plan

  • Geospatial reporting allows you to easily identify and visualize vulnerable populations
  • Unique mobile interface allows field operations to have the same real-time access to data
  • Permission-based, regional roll-up and reporting

3. Collaborate & Interoperate

  • Easy sharing of reports across agencies, regions, and trusted partners
  • Export into .csv, .kml mapping files, or simply email to the correct responders or teams
  • Integrated into emergency notification systems for rapid notification to specific population groups

Features & Benefits

  • Automation of data collection, validation, and geocoding
  • More effective preparedness around community needs
  • Rapid identification & visualization of vulnerable populations
  • More efficient response to those in greatest need of assistance
  • Facilitated interoperable regional reporting

Until now, no solution has existed that provides individuals and families with the ability to create secure online safety profiles that emergency officials can efficiently access for planning and response activities.


“If we have an incident related to our nuclear power plant, it is too late to be guessing what resources you may need. We need to know what resources to have on standby long before a disaster, and SmartPrepare could give me the information needed for that.”

~ Andrea (Andi) Rice – 911/Emergency Mgmt Director – Osage County, Missouri

“Since Hurricane Irene last year, our town had been searching for ways in which we could enhance our existing process for identifying and locating at-risk individuals within our community and SmartPrepare is that solution. SmartPrepare gives us the capability to rapidly access information provided by our residents in a manner that helps prioritize activities during disaster planning and response, allowing us to better serve our residents and businesses.”

~ Robert E. Mallozzi III – First Selectman – New Canaan, CT

“For years, our nation’s emergency management community simply has not done a good enough job planning for and meeting the needs of people with disabilities… This limited approach ties up personnel and resources when a disaster strikes.”

~ Craig Fugate – FEMA Administrator

“It is vital to have emergency plans in place, so that the effects of disasters on people and their assets can be mitigated, and a coordinated response may be launched as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

~ Dr. Ala Alwan – Assistant Director-General, Health Action in Crises – World Health Organization