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  • Rave Guardian: Keep Students Safe & Help Meet SaVE Requirements



The Rave Panic Button app was implemented by the town of Milford, Mass., in 2014.  Based on “Smart911” technology, it routes cellular calls to the Milford Police Department while also instantly delivering critical information that can be used to facilitate a faster, more effective response. “We did some testing in the buildings to verify cellphone […]

Mar 27, 2015
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From Guiding Medical Actions over the Phone to Coordinating Massive Life Saving Rescue Operations, America’s Telecommunicators Are the Unsung Heroes of Emergency Response

Mar 25, 2015

State employees, lawmakers and others who work at the State House soon will be alerted to emergencies via text messages and emails.

Mar 24, 2015

Richard Serino, Former Deputy Administrator Credited with Transforming FEMA, “Founding Father” of Boston EMS, Joins Campus and Public Safety Leader

Mar 23, 2015
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Emergency Alerting Re-imagined   Rave Alert is a proven, high performance multi-modal emergency notification system that provides a quick and easy way for Public Safety and Emergency Management personnel to instantly distribute text messages, voice messages, and social media content. What makes Rave Alert unique is the ability to develop and execute emergency plans based on […]

Mar 16, 2015

Please join Rave and law enforcement professionals from across New England  at the 2015 Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Associatioan Trade Show. Stop by and see why over 1000 communities use Rave Mobile Safety to protect their citizens, schools and first responders. Rave will be highlighting its safety solutions including: Panic Button App, Emergency Alerting, and SmartPrepare, our emergency […]

Mar 16, 2015
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Each winter, Eaton County, Mich., faces inclement weather. Eaton County Central Dispatch (ECCD) was able to better handle heavy winter storms in 2014 after deploying Rave Mobile Safety’s preparedness platform, SmartPrepare.

Mar 13, 2015

Please join Rave Mobile Safety at the upcoming Texas Police Chiefs Association Annual Conference in Galveston, March 30 through April 2, 2015. The Conference and Expo will be held at the Galveston Island Convention Center located in Galveston, Texas. Stop by our booth for a reveiw of our groundbreaking products like Smart911, Rave Panic Button, and […]

Mar 10, 2015

Rave will be exhibitin at the California Colleges and University Chiefs of Police  Association Conferenc in San Diego on March 31st. Syto by and discover the lastest advances in campus safety. And see why over 1200 intstitutions rely on Rave Alert and Rave Guadian for student, staff, and faculty safety and security.

Mar 9, 2015

Washington’s SNOPAC Recognized for Public-Private Partnership with Area Schools and Rave Mobile Safety in Setting New Best-Practices for Emergency Response to Active-Shooter Incidents

Mar 5, 2015
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Two more Michigan counties have added Smart911 to their dispatch centers to enhance public safety and emergency response.

Mar 4, 2015

“Those first few seconds of a 911 call are crucial and if emergency personnel have the ability to respond faster, it benefits everyone.”

Mar 3, 2015

9-1-1 emergencies happens everyday and now residents and visitors of Forrest County can prepare for one before it happens.

Feb 26, 2015
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When a “Smart911″ user calls 911, the dispatcher on the other end of the phone is able to know information about the caller that could save a life.

Feb 25, 2015
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Nominations Now Being Accepted as National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week Approaches

Feb 23, 2015
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National Public Safety Service Now Used by More than 1,000 Communities Helps Reduce Response Times, Provide Peace of Mind and Save Lives

Feb 18, 2015
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Public safety officials encourage citizens to create a Safety Profile in case of emergency

Feb 17, 2015
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Two years ago, the Davidson County 9-1-1 center rolled out Smart911, an emergency response system that could save the lives of those who sign up.

Feb 10, 2015

Mobile app creates a virtual safety network of friends and family

Feb 9, 2015
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USC community grateful for the University’s fast alerts and immediate response to last week’s on-campus shooting that claimed two lives.

Feb 6, 2015
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USC students & faculty were quickly informed of the on-campus shooting last week through Carolina Alert, the University’s emergency notification system.

Feb 6, 2015
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Updated Smart911 system will have options to opt-in for emergency and general notifications

Feb 4, 2015
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Schools in Snohomish County are taking advantage of a new Panic Button System instantly connecting teachers with 911 dispatchers while simultaneously alerting an entire campus of danger.

Feb 4, 2015

The City of Decatur has announced it is replacing its CodeRed emergency notification system.

Feb 4, 2015
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Just months after the school shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School, a new panic button app is being rolled out in Snohomish County schools. The idea is to get information to the right people more quickly.

Jan 30, 2015