Our Mission is...

To enhance safety through innovative software solutions.

Business Partners

AK Associates

Implementing new technology solutions for PSAPs, including Smart911.


A leader in telecommunication services and business partner for both campus and public safety.

Commercial Electronics

Delivering call recording, interview room recording, data collection and analytics tools.


Helping people everywhere discover their futures through learning; User data synchronization with ERP system.


Federal and State Professional Services partner; Alliance Member.

In Case of Emergency Standard

The ICE Standard with Smart911 App, a division of About the Kids Foundation, puts emergency health information on the lock screen of your phone.  ICE Standard information is also shared via Smart911Connect with participating 9-1-1 centers.


Support services for telecommunications providers and public safety agencies worldwide.


Enterprise software and services development partner focused exclusively on higher education.

Margolis Healy & Associates

Higher Education Campus Safety Professional Services partner.


One of the largest independent providers of call recording solutions. Sales and distribution partner.

Security On Campus

Unique non-profit grass roots organization dedicated to campus safety education.

TeleCommunication Systems

Supplies messaging and location technology to wireless carriers, including software and services.

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